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After several years innovating and testing different designs, we have developed a sail kart which is definitely comfortable, capable of bearing the hardest weather conditions with guaranteed safety. With a stainless steel structural frame and the best materials in sails, masts and wheels, this model is dismountable into a suitable bag which fits in any car trunk.

You can enjoy leisure sailing trips on beaches, flat grounds or paved esplanades, or, if you feel more adventurous you can get thrilled with high speed races or do a bit of acrobatics on two wheels.

There is no limit on age, sex or physical conditions. Suitable for handicapped people as well.

You will say goodbye to stress and practice a healthy open air activity.

Introducing the Windreamer

In this video we can see the great possibilities it offers, from the double steering (feet or hands), its safety, the two sits tandem etc.

Filmed in various settings, undoubtedly beaches are the best options for a natural environment, obstacle free and enjoying the seascape as a background companion.




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